Raz Calais





Raz was born in the Tremont section of Chicago. His mom, Nancy is Aruban and his late father, Joseph Guillermo Jones I was Puerto Rican. Raz was raised mainly by his maternal grandmother.

Raz’s grandmother would allow him to ride the train from their residence at 176th Street and Jerome Avenue to 110th Street and Lexington Avenue. He attended Catholic school but later began cutting church to loiter and play hooky at the train station. He likes to tell a story about growing up with rapper Freekey Zekey. Raz claims he would stay at a store a block from the church he attended, and would go in and hang out with the owner; when the owner left, Raz says he would take all the money in the register and the candy and would sell it in school. Later, Raz would be expelled from school for this exact same scam.

Raz Calais

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