Good Morning Beautiful

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Tim's Thoughts - Takeaways
Learning to be a Nosferatu


1) Call a specific type of rat, otherwise all rats come
2) Ghouls are worse than us because they can’t think for themselves – Think before you make a ghoul
3) Unseen Presence, Unseen Presence, Unseen Presence

We still need to get out to the woods and find this fucking prince. And now, because we went back to Raz’s ghetto, we owe a life boon to DeSable. I’m moving somewhere else. Bottom line is everyone’s place is unsafe.

Hippy Journal
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Hippy Journal
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Hippy Journal
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An experience so hororifying...
Chris Luck – Dreary (Produced by Jahlil Beats)
New Vamp City clothing

How many cigarettes in a pack?

Raz pulled out a single cigarette from the pack and tucked it behind his ear. He closed the pack neatly and placed it back inside his coat where it would stay for the next 24 hours.

So you’ll do this thing for me brotha’?

He retrieved the cigarette from behind his ear and held one end of it in the fingertips of each hand.

‘Cause dis important bid’ness and I kaint’ have just any ol’nigga handle this for me, ya’hear?

He ran the cigarette under his nose sniffing it end to end. Lingering on it’s smell for a moment….

Aa’ight then, we cool. Holla at me when you get some news, ya’hear?

He took the cigarette and threw it on the ground, crushing it with the tip of his Air Jordan sneaker, Grinding it into the ground until it seperated into a streak of tobacco pieces and torn paper. As he turned and walked off, a slight wind picked up behind him and blew the scattered cigarette off into the night…

Hippy Journal
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Hippy Journal
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These latin words...
Shuttle to an island of research.

He passed me a manila folder, inside of which several pages of writing some ancient language. Turns out it’s latin. Who knew?

I’ve got slip away and go to Kroch’s & Brentano’s and buy a fucking Latin to English Dictionary. Of course, where am I going to find the goddam time to sit down and translate it?

Apparently, I lost it and murdered a bunch of police. I don’t know what came over me. One minute I’m playing cop and the next I’m in a fucking hole sucking down some delicious blood from a creepy old vial. Oh, well. At least we cleaned it up.

I gotta fight this thing in my head whispering that humans are just cattle. I can’t go there. I couldn’t imagine hurting my baby, but what I did to those cops… it’s no wonder I’m hideous. It’s because of everything I’ve did as cop… as a husband. I should just walk out into the sun.

I can’t. I still have to protect my girl. I know now I made a mistake and I have to stay alive, stay human, to take care of the one sweet piece of joy I have in my life. I may not be able to hold her or let her see what I am, but I can watch and in that watching remember love.


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