Good Morning Beautiful

Prologue to a Nightmare

How I learned to hate myself and my kind

Mother of fucking Christ. If there’s one thing I take away from this it’s being a vampire is a goddamned nightmare. I thought being a Chicago police was tough. This? This is a curse.

I thought gays and women were petty. Seems like once you become a vampire, you lose all emotional control and turn into a raging asshole. Well, now I know the score, I’m going to find my sire and slit her pockmarked and boil covered throat.

Next on my Vampire to do list is get in good with the other Nosferatu. Everyone of them I’ve met has been a breath of fresh air in the mens room while there’s a fat son of a bitch shitting out his hot dog fetish during a Cubs game.

Animals have peace the way humans and Vamps could never understand. The mind of a rat is clear and unspoiled by the terrors they inflict on each other. I want to find my solace in communing with the animals of the city. It reminds me of my hikes around Waterfall Glen just after my wife’s death. Peace.

As I think of that, it reminds me of that Vampire with the kaleidoscope eyes. Man, I fucking hate the Beatles, sorry for that. Anyway, I need to find her again. In that moment of seeing her, I had that feeling of peace again… sorry from her, yes, but a peace which could be mined.

Christ, almost morning. Gotta go!





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